Sacred Circle Ceremonies

Welcome to my website and to Sacred Circle Ceremonies.  weaving together the threads of our hereditary lineage with modern practices to guide seekers on their spiritual journey. Nestled in the mystical village of Essex, England, we draw inspiration from its rich history of witchcraft and mysticism. As ordained priestesses, celebrants, and teacher of the esoteric, i offer a sanctuary for those seeking healing, empowerment, and spiritual growth. 

 Delve into the art of reiki with transformative treatments and comprehensive training programs, guiding you toward healing and balance. Journey into the depths of divination with workshops on tarot, runes, and oracles, honing your intuitive abilities and gaining insight into life's mysteries. Join me on the path of self-discovery and empowerment as we embrace the magic that lies within."


Let me introduce myself properly

I’m an hereditary witch with Romany gypsy heritage on my mother’s side. My bloodline from her is a long line of wise women, my granny was a midwife who could cure & curse, my nan taught me to read the tealeaves & the fire when I was very young, my mum reads the tarot & all these women could see spirits & make predictions. My grandfather was an Arch Druid. I live in a beautiful old village in Essex, England, that has very strong links to witchcraft from centuries ago to the present day. I am an ordained priestess & celebrant, goddess circle & moot facilitator, reiki master, divinatory oracle & teacher of the esoteric. I have been a witch for as long as I can remember, magic & the craft is as natural to me as breathing.

Here on my website you can find all of the services I provide, as well as the agenda for all my workshops and other events.